Building Bridges - Discovering Your Paths to Peace

Episode 9 - COVID-19 Pandemic - with Dr. Christine Sauer

Are you worrying about #COVID-19

You are not alone.

This special episode of Building Bridges with host Maxine Silva ( and Dr. Christine Sauer ( - voices of reason - explains the basics in lay-wo/man’s terms.

What is a virus? What’s the difference between virus and bacterium? 

How does our body react? What’s the real risk?

What’s endemic, epidemic, pandemic? How does it compare with H1N1, the Spanish flu, Ebola, smallpox and pestilence? 

What’s the first line of defence? When do you need to call a doctor? 

Is a fever a bad sign? Are we really grieving???

People who can’t get out of the house are more susceptible to indoor toxins, smoke, mildew, diseases transmitted by pets. In the winter dry air (the heated air in the houses is very dry) dries out the mucous membranes which makes them more susceptible to infections of all kinds. 

People miss intimacy and if feeling isolated and not able to communicate at least on the computer or suffering from social anxiety and afraid to reach out to others, will feel more and more anxious, nervous and eventually depressed. If isolation lasts too long, our mental health system may become overwhelmed by all the affected people…. 

So please, even if you are doing fine, reach out to your neighbour, or just someone you know who doesn’t like to ask for support or help, offer a listening ear and practical help if you can.

Keep up to date and follow the advice and regulations of the government agencies, but don’t watch the news channels 24/7. Do other things, too that lift your spirit.

 f you need a listening ear or a helping hand, please reach out to a friend, neighbour or relative. You can also reach out to Dr. Christine. Her email is and she is there for you..

To Read more about how to create inner peace in scary times and get your FREE workbook  CLICK HERE

But please consider: Please go to your government’s public health website to get the newest information, rules and regulations. Whether you agree with them or not, doesn’t matter. As law-abiding citizens we have to follow them!