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Past Lives

What Maxine's previous life was about...

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My Life through Love's Eyes

My life experiences, as I traveled from the UK to Canada, to the USA, back to Canada, to Bali, to India, back to the Home of My Heart - HALIFAX, has molded my perspectives on God, Life, Love, Death and all aspects of our Human condition.

I am a Storyteller through my paintings and poetry. My tales are those of everyone I have met.

I can’t claim ownership or take credit for my art or poetry. They come from a greater Source.

In my interactions with people, often they will speak of their lives and a flash of Recognition crosses my mind’s eye:

"Oh yes, I have been there too!"

We are all the same behind the masks. I figured if I removed mine, then maybe it will be easier for others to do the same.

My life's course has been strewn with challenges - births, deaths, divorce, family alienation, suicide, mental and physical abuse, addiction, widowhood, financial loss, serious health issues and the list goes on………

Today…I am GRATEFUL for ALL of it!

Dolly, my Mum would arrange a line of credit with the local merchants, so we would never do without life’s necessities. But as a child I never knew.

Walter, my Father was a WWII decorated hero and a Gentleman, but humble in his outlook on life - a man who never interfered in the business of others, including his kids. Although he missed me being far away in India, all he asked was:

“Are you happy Maxine?”

“Yes Daddy, I am happy!”

“Well then, that’s all I need to know.” was his response.

September 2009I am going to Bali, I am going to Bali!!!”

I didn’t realize that Bali was the stepping stone to even greater mind expanding events.

My dear friend, Chick (Dr C. Everett Koop, US Surgeon General) didn’t want me to go.

BUT, a pivotal point in my life occurred on Christmas Day, December 25th 2011

 From this day forward, only good things will come into your life!”  the stranger from Borneo told me.


I started volunteering with PRAYAS JAC Society ( in October 2013.

Amod Kanth - Founder (1988) and General Secretary of PRAYAS oversees and coordinates the housing and educational requirements of indigent children in multiple homes throughout northern India and numerous homeless shelters in New Delhi.

“Who is that child?” I asked. I never wanted to forget this magical moment.

The second “home” was guarded by Delhi Police officers …….prison doors clanged behind us. My spine stiffened.

“Oh God!” …”What will we find here?”

Maxine, there is one more area to see


HUMAN RECOGNITION and COMPASSION are required to ease suffering in our world.

 LOVE Matters !!!

About the Author

Maxine Silva

Maxine Silva aka Maxi is an International Public Speaker, Life Coach, Poet, Portrait Artist, Writer, Feng Shui Practitioner, Television Host and Storyteller. During her 30 year career, she has lived and worked in the USA, Canada, Venezuela, British West Indies, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, China, Indonesia and India.

A Medical Educator and international NGO Development Consultant, her areas of expertise range from Women’s Health, Children’s Liver Disease, Organ Transplantation/Donation, Breast Cancer Awareness, Addiction and Cross Cultural Communications.

She has worked in the office of Dr Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State and on collaborative projects with former US President Ronald Reagan, US Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop, Pope John Paul II and numerous illustrious personalities and film stars.

Her communication style is one of free flow and interaction with her audience. Her motto “Knowing How, When and Why to say What to Whom” translates into a cultured and refined approach to dealing with people. Her primary interest is in elevating the self-esteem of women, especially young girls.

Presently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Maxi is available to speak to people across the globe. She employs freedom of expression in an atmosphere of security, mutual understanding and respect, enabling her audience to share from the heart. Her mission is one of Peace and Love through Communication and Compassion!   

Her selection of poetry, portraiture and personal photographs are an autobiographical sketch of her life’s journey. Her artistic creations have been channeled through her and consequently, she has put “pen to paper” or rather “fingers to keyboard” and "brush to canvas" for others’ appreciation and enjoyment.