Trust - Love - Respect




I saw a vision of my daughter Danielle embracing the world, while a tear rolled down my cheek. I decided to paint it and as I did, the world became an eyeball and Danielle’s third eye is delivering Love to this hurting planet.



Aside from being an eminent psychiatrist, with a long list of academic/career achievements and being the great grandson of Dr Rajendra Prasad (First President of India), Ashok is also a poet. I suppose that his poignant poetry is the glue that makes him a dear friend. I visualized the dreamer in him, with his thoughts going far beyond this present realm.


My characterization of a couple who have lived through a lifetime of challenges and yet, the Love still remains. We all aspire to this state.


I have always identified with the North American Indian people. This painting is reminiscent of the Indian love story movie “ROSEMARIE.” I saw this film as a child and its memory has never left me. I was convinced that Indian blood ran through my veins.


A young Indian bride-to-be is anticipating her forthcoming marriage. An early painting I did in Bali.


Mahatma Gandhi’s love of justice inspired his people to come together as a country and he is considered the Father of India. My dear friend Kishore in Bangalore asked me to paint Gandhi. I did so with great trepidation for if I messed up, everyone would know. 


A forlorn lady from Thailand is fishing on the river. Her husband has died and now she must fend for herself.


Gurpal, loved and admired by many for his untiring devotion to their pleasure and his indefatigable desire to create a beautiful environment. A Man of the People.


In 2017, I returned to Halifax for a year and was inspired to paint this portrait.


Mano is a reconstructive plastic surgeon. As a young boy it was always his dream to help people and follow this career path. His hands are divinely guided to save and salvage those whose bodies have been severely disfigured. He is God’s instrument of Compassionate Love.


Manraj is a man who always hid in the shadows, so I created his portrait in monochrome. I had no image to follow, this was totally from memory.


My very first portrait: I saw a picture of an old lady when I attended my first art class in Bali in August of 2012. I told my teacher Mori, I wanted to paint her. So with Mori’s blessing, in 4 hours her image appeared on my canvas. Her eyes reveal to me – the pain of a loveless existence. She has a place of prominence in my home and in my heart as my miraculous gift from God. I believe she is a widow (as I am) and the life of a widow, especially in India can be one of strife and deprivation. I Love her!

Love's Longing

Where I was living in India, I was land locked, no ocean nearby. I was longing for the sea. When I returned to Nova Scotia in 2017, I envisioned this scene in my mind’s eye. It represents ME longing for Love and what is familiar to my senses. Nova Scotia has a rocky coastline and is often windy as depicted. I have written several poems (Poems Page) about the maritime environment as well.


I include this portrait only as a measuring stick…You’ve come a long way baby!!! J At the time, I had only a few colours at hand and decided to give it a go. Kind of the Indian version of Maxine - an exercise in humility. 


While living in Bali, a young fellow named Putu, working at my place of residence, asked me to paint his sister’s portrait. It was her birthday and he wanted to gift her. The puckered lips were as she was in the photograph I used as my model.


Sharan a professional photographer from Bangalore was visiting Bali to capture vistas and visions of the Balinese. His love for his craft was so evident that I decided to paint his portrait. This is actually only the third painting I had ever done. I was quite happy with the results. Oddly, I have had several people ask if this is a painting of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi?



My personal quest for Love, led me to India. This portrait is my interpretation of the illusory qualities of romantic love, with the backdrop of the most famous dedication of all – the Taj Mahal. Little did I know how my heart would expand and that LOVE in all its manifestations would lead me to my preordained destiny and the bosom of my One Divine Love.


Harsha, a young photographer friend of mine, inspired me with a post on Facebook. It was a split photograph of a Mother and baby on one side and the son grown with his elderly Mother on the other. I wanted to capture this expression. The Silver thread (of Life) separating the two images in the painting, represents the umbilical cord which metaphorically does not break. In India there is a reverence of the Mother and the Mother/Son relationship is particularly meaningful in Indian culture.


Another earlier portrait in Bali, of a Tibetan Mother with her child. I painted from a photograph. I was rather pleased with her fur hat. :)


Always it is an uphill battle to be who we authentically are, as opposed to what society thinks we should be - a constant struggle.


I have always identified with the North American Indian people. This painting is reminiscent of the Indian love story movie “ROSEMARIE.” I saw this film as a child and its memory has never left me. I was convinced that Indian blood ran through my veins.

Best Friend Love 

To arrive at this stage of life, one has accumulated many experiences, both good and bad. A Best Friend, who listens, encourages, supports, and cares for you through thick and thin, was absent in my life, until I met Billy. He has lovingly and unconditionally helped me heal on so many levels, putting critical pieces of Maxi back together again. I loved painting his portrait. I surprised him with it! It is NOT for sale! 😊

hiding from love

I pick up energies from my subjects and often that will appear in my art, without me realizing it. This particular portrait is representative of deep sorrow and hurt, a smile hiding the pain. However, a dear friend of mine, after I had finished the painting said, “Look at the figure on the left!” I had never noticed, but indeed, a willowy female had been created by my brush stroke! Another serendipitous event in my life.

conflicted love

This subject deals with the human emotions that we all feel. Sometimes what we want, we are afraid to express due to cultural, religious or societal biases. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes dark matter happening here. When I got to this point, I felt it was finished, there was nothing else I could do, for the situation. Sooo interesting!

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My Life through Love's Eyes

My life experiences, as I traveled from the UK to Canada, to the USA, back to Canada, to Bali, to India, back to the Home of My Heart - HALIFAX, has molded my perspectives on God, Life, Love, Death and all aspects of our Human condition.

I am a Storyteller through my paintings and poetry. My tales are those of everyone I have met.

I can’t claim ownership or take credit for my art or poetry. They come from a greater Source.

In my interactions with people, often they will speak of their lives and a flash of Recognition crosses my mind’s eye:

"Oh yes, I have been there too!"

We are all the same behind the masks. I figured if I removed mine, then maybe it will be easier for others to do the same.

My life's course has been strewn with challenges - births, deaths, divorce, family alienation, suicide, mental and physical abuse, addiction, widowhood, financial loss, serious health issues and the list goes on………

Today…I am GRATEFUL for ALL of it!

Dolly, my Mum would arrange a line of credit with the local merchants, so we would never do without life’s necessities. But as a child I never knew.

Walter, my Father was a WWII decorated hero and a Gentleman, but humble in his outlook on life - a man who never interfered in the business of others, including his kids. Although he missed me being far away in India, all he asked was:

“Are you happy Maxine?”

“Yes Daddy, I am happy!”

“Well then, that’s all I need to know.” was his response.

September 2009I am going to Bali, I am going to Bali!!!”

I didn’t realize that Bali was the stepping stone to even greater mind expanding events.

My dear friend, Chick (Dr C. Everett Koop, US Surgeon General) didn’t want me to go.

BUT, a pivotal point in my life occurred on Christmas Day, December 25th 2011


From this day forward, only good things will come into your life!”  the stranger from Borneo told me.


I started volunteering with PRAYAS JAC Society ( in October 2013.

Amod Kanth - Founder (1988) and General Secretary of PRAYAS oversees and coordinates the housing and educational requirements of indigent children in multiple homes throughout northern India and numerous homeless shelters in New Delhi.

“Who is that child?” I asked. I never wanted to forget this magical moment.

The second “home” was guarded by Delhi Police officers …….prison doors clanged behind us. My spine stiffened.

“Oh God!” …”What will we find here?”

Maxine, there is one more area to see


HUMAN RECOGNITION and COMPASSION are required to ease suffering in our world.