Daddy changed the world

Listen to me read the poem

 I wrote for Gianna Floyd...


His hand plunged deep into my chest

And grasped the only life within.

My heart lay bare within his palm

But no remorse and no chagrin

Did he display.

My aching soul it felt the grief

A thunderbolt of pain and strife.

Ripped open wide, I came undone

It bared the grief stored in my life.

But no one knew.

And more than once this happened hence

What had I learned in times gone by?

Not much at all, I struggled on

Perhaps for me, another try???

Would I go on through all my days

Chasing dreams and hearts aloof?

Whatever would become of me?

As time again I needed proof

That he loved me?

A turn in events, I came to stay

In eastern realms and mysterious shrouds.

Who am I, became quite clear.

I am the earth the sky the clouds

I am LOVE!

I live my life so fiercely now

With knowledge full, that Love is All

I want to BE and Share with you.

For now I need no wailing wall.

I have come Home.

THE KISS               

His eyes pierced through my hungry soul

Straight to my very core.

I felt unnerved, but yet alive.

All was clear, I wanted more.

Emotions raw exposed to Love

Coursed through my every fibre.

And portals opened wide, to

Release the sleeping tiger.

The pot was stirred from bottom up,

He set my feelings free.

I didn’t know the darkest depths,

Had oft taken hold of me.

My heart once scorched and burned with pain,

Filled to the brim with Love’s disguise.

Who was this stranger before me now,

The alter ego behind the eyes?

For I had thought I was evolved.

Alas, I was mistaken.

There’s work to do within this realm.

So my poor soul can awaken.

Beguiled by his traversing gaze,

 Suspended in ethereal mist.

Two souls were summoned forth to Be

Consummated forever, in a KISS.


Who am I to you?

I am the anchor, holding your ship in tow, as you bob upon the open seas.

I am the tethers that hold you safe in harbour.

I am the wind in your unfurled sails, as you head out into uncharted waters.

I am the creak beneath your feet, as you pace the ship’s deck.

I am the timbre of the waves, as they splash against the hull.

I am the seagull’s cry, as she follows you out to sea.

I am the dolphin’s fin, as sign of your safe passage.

I am the Sun peeping over the horizon, as you set sail.

I am the Moon and the Stars on which you set your course.

I am the duty watchman at the helm, as you are stowed comfortably below.

I batten down the hatches when the going gets rough. For should you slip over the side – I am the Life preserver cast to you.

I am your port and starboard sides, as you adjust your celestial globe to your destination.

Can I help it, if God has placed me here? I think not……..

And when your journey is done, I am the One to welcome You Home at the Shore.


Breezes blow, birds fly high.

On my terrace in the sky,

I speak to you.

The dove’s sweet coo, in distance heard,

Makes me wish I were a bird.

I’d fly to you.

As morning eases into day,

When sun obscures the milky-way,

I think of you.

In my dreams, through sultry night,

My heart beats fast in rapid flight

I run to you.

Chilled to the bone, in winter’s grasp

The covers tight around me clasped,

I long for you.

So, my love it matters naught

Where you are and where I’m not.

For in our hearts the bonds exist.

Fueled by love and Heaven’s kiss

I wait for you.


As the sun comes o’er the night’s dark veil

I hear your mournful cry.

You cruise the sky In circular sail

The hours pass quickly by.

I smell the sea, hear the ship’s foghorn

The harbour comes alive.

A new day dawns and I must rise

Life’s not to just survive.

I watch you swoop and deftly dive

In rhythm with your mate.

Each day is planned, more gulls arrive

A sea life is your fate.

I wish I too, could spread my wings

And free myself from shore.

To once again be One with you

And hear the ocean’s roar.

I left you once to seek my soul

In Asia’s sunny clime.

Pursuing dreams on green atolls.

My life I thought was mine.

In retrospect, I do now know

Our lives are borrowed time.

Our charge to live in peace; Although

We tend to cross the line.

Thinking we’ve another chance

Whene’er we make mistakes.

Alas, we foolish Beings dance…AND

On thin ice we place our skates.

Fly high my friend, your time is short.

Go ‘ere that you must go

For you will find another port

The sea can show you so.