Building Bridges - Discovering Your Paths to Peace

Episode 3 - Maneesha James about meditation and peace in death and dying

Watch Maneesha (@ 5:02 minutes) describe her experience, administering meditation to Dr. Anna Freud, as she lay dying (Dr. Sigmund Freud’s daughter).

Maneesha James, London, UK, has a background in general, psychiatric and midwifery nursing.

Her life took a 180 degree turn when she met the Indian mystic, Osho.

She is the editor of his multiple books and was the question-asker in his public discourses.

Over the past twenty plus years, she has been working as a Meditation Facilitator, Psychotherapist and published author of 3 books. She is Co-founder and a director of — an organisation to promote “conscious living and dying’.

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