Building Bridges - Discovering Your Paths to Peace

Episode 7 - Peace by Peace - with Tareq Hadhad

Watch Maxine Silva and Tareq Hadhad exploring his journey from war-torn Syria to becoming a Canadian, and building a small business, together with his father.

PEACE BY CHOCOLATE is by now a household name.

Maxine and Tareq are also discussing the whirlwind of support and love he’s experienced from his new home in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.

From family and happiness to war and heartbreak to a second chance - a true Canadian dream!

Once a displaced Syrian refugee, Tareq shares his feelings and fears which gripped his family, as their home city of Damascus - the oldest city in the world - fell into a bitter and lasting conflict. The stress, inhumanity and deep sadness that haunted his family during their three years as refugees is punctuated by moments of despair and unthinkable frustration.

Taraq Hadhad and family - Syrian roses growing strong in Canada! One Peace at a Time!

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