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Episode 11 - Don Kane - The Halifax Explosion - No Accident?!!

Was the 1917 Halifax Explosion an accident?!!!

Find out…Watch Building Bridges host, Maxine Silva chat with Don Kane, author of SPIES, ESPIONAGE AND EXPLOSIONS…the TRUE story behind the 1917 Halifax Explosion.

Don Kane is an author, researcher, educator and IT professional. As a child, he remembers talking with his father about his role in World War II. His father said, “I was in the Canadian Secret Service, trained at Camp X, and the Halifax Explosion wasn’t an accident!” His father’s revelation, combined with Don’s later position at the National Museums of Canada’s Discovery Train Project, sparked an interest in Canada’s role in World War I.  Kane has extensively researched the Halifax Explosion and the larger political environment of that era, in excess of 41 years.  This provides the backbone for his book.

Kane taught “The Business of Being An Artist” for the Extensions Department of the Nova Scotia College of Art And Design. He was the 2nd Executive Director for Visual Arts Nova Scotia and edited the “Visual Arts News”. He has written articles for Halifax Magazine and his poetry has been published in Redbook Magazine. He is also a Founding Member of both C.F.N.S. (Cultural Federations of Nova Scotia) and S.I.A.N.S. (Software Industry Association of Nova Scotia).

Kane resides with his wife in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where his family has lived since the 1860s.


Book Information:

Author: Don Kane



978-1-5255-2272-7 (Hardcover)

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